Fancy Dress Ideas

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Fancy Dress Ideas

Fancy Dresses Competition Ideas.

 Fancy Dress Ideas


There are many competitions for your kids that takes place in the school . Fancy dress competition is one of them. Some parents take this competiton as a challange and some parents get tensed just by thinking how to dress up their child for the event and most of us surf the internet for ideas and so on. All this leaves parents confused.We have a few ideas that would make your creative juices to flow and help you to tide through the situation.

First of all Select a theme Such as

  •          Vegetables And Fruits such as  Apple,mango,grapes
  •          Choose from Flowers like  sunflower,lotus etc
  •          You can Even Choose SLOGANS  like Save The Earth , Go Green,  Eat healthy etc. You can use Dressup differently with slogans written on them to prove your point.
  •          Indian National Leaders , Such Dresses are very Useful During National Festivals.
  •          Festivals which are most celebrated in India are Christmas, Gokul Asthami, Diwali
  •          Ideas For Christmas Should have Dresses of Santa Clause, Reindeer, angel , Christmas Tree
  •          Children can Dress up like Diya or a fire cracker for Diwali
  •          One of the most famous Dress is to Dress up Like ,Lord Krishna or Lord Ganesha etc as there are lot of mythological charectors.
  •          Cartoons
    Kids love to Dress up like their  favorite cartoon characters. Superman  Flintstones, The batman , The Simpsons, Barbie Princess , Tom and Jerry,Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck  etc.
  •          Community helpers a great choice amongst many. Doctor,Painter, Janitor,Shop Vendor,  Tailor, electrician, Courier guy Miilkman etc. are a few ideas.
  •          Birds,animals and insects Kids really look cute in the costume that resembles a parrot, tiger, elephant or a butterfly etc.
  •          Traditional Costumes of different Parts of the world and our County that people wear.
  •          Other ideas include Things or Food Items Clock, Milk Carton, Rainbow, Tree, Clown etc.

2. Once You have chosen a theam Then you need to write a few lines related to the character that your child is supposed to speak on the stage for the fancy dress competition.

The lines must be short and should provide accurate information about the character .A proper introduction is a nice way to write a line.

3. Never force the child to learn the lines and the way  he / he has to enact, all at once. Teach the child to begin with a smile. Practise patience and thats the KEY TO SUCCESS


Dressing up to go a party is one thing but having to imitate and dress up as someone else or an object is a different matter. A Fancy Dress competition or party can only mean one thing and that is fancy dress costumes.A place where  you are required or expected to duplicate an image or to look like a famous figure for example Anna hazare a famous person. not only to  look great is our primary objective when attending parties but when it comes to dessing up and adorning ourselves as an alias will no doubt take a lot of care.

Fancy Dress parties are very popular and very successful to say the least in providing entertainment for all the guests who make the effort to dress up. If you have been invited to a Fancy Dress party then you may have problems wondering who or what to dress up like . Don't worry as  there are some fabulous ideas listed here.

If you findit difficult trying to select an outfit then you can make it more interesting simply by asking friends around to help you choose or even make the outfit of your choice. Always keep in mind that fancy dress parties should be enjoyble - so whatever  costume you choose will not really matter because this is fun stuff . As long as you joined in to participate.

Unique ideas are going to get you noticed and surely put you in the place to win the first prize. A little honest cheating might just be able to help you take the award of the best dressed person in fancy dress competition.

If you are thinking How ?Then let me tell you, your first step is to do a little research about the host of the party and their likes and dislikes in music - movies or even Disney characters and take it from there - for example if the party host is a she and loves cuddly bears then Winnie the Pooh it is.

 There are so many Fancy Dress options and ideas to choose from - take a look at out Products that would make u start thinking about new ideas and concepts.

More Fancy Dress Ideas For Boys & Girls

Every school In India Condcuts various co-curricular activities for their students. These activities help the children to open up and be participative. To help the students  to know their hidden talents as well as increase their self confidence Co-curricular activities like dance competition, singing competition, fancy dress competitions are conducted.

 Such competitions are conducted in many schools during the preschool perid only such that children get maximum exposure and benefit. In every way these days children are undoubtedly more advanced and efficient. Out of all the activities fancy dress competitions is one of the most exiciting for the childern and their parents it gives children a chance to portray their favourite characters or something that has impressed them that they want to share it with everyone.

However parents find it a little difficult to come up with different themes and ideas for such competitions. We will be discussing about the various innovative ideas that the parents  can use to dress their children for fancy dress competitions.

Let your child be what ever he / she wants to be  , children love to dream and fancy dress competitions are a good way to make their dream come true . They can just be anything that they would have ever wanted to be. Children love to participate in the fancy dress competition and want to look the best amongs others children. Following ideas would help them to choose what they want to be.

Fancy Dress Ideas For Boys


Most boys are extrovert and thats a good quality all you need to do is to direct their nature.

Let your baby be the favourite character from cartoons , moives , nursery stories or Rhymes or You may dress your child like his favourite character from any of the stories or poems that he has studied.

They can dress up like the prince who saved snow-white or Humpty dumpty as it would be very innovative and comical . They can also play characters like Schinchan ,Perman,Nobita ,Aladdin, Genie, Mickey Mouse, Tweety etc. Boys look really cute playing these characters.

Choose characters from Comic books: 

This is the favourite amongst all the kids and almost every boy dreams to become a superman, Spiderman or ironman.  You could dress your child to be like any of these characters and let your babies dream to come true. Choose Some Great Like For Example From Spiderman " With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibilities "

Get Inspired from Gods and Goddess:

Kids these days are loosing faith in the God Almighty , If you want your child to know more about mythology then the best  and educative method is to dress him up like a mythological hero like Lord Ram, Lord Krishna,lord Shiava, Hanuman ji etc. No one can play these roles better then the  innocent small children who can pull off these roles brilliantly.

Animals and Birds:

Create the importance among people about Endangered Animals and Birds make your child to enact in their character. They can act like tigers, lions, and deer etc and ask people to stop killing them for their skins and other valuable items used to make clothes etc . The main reason for the animals to become endangered is the uncontrollable hunting of wild animals. When adults will see children taking up such issues it would provoke them too , An award winning Idea.

Make him a speaking tree:

Another innovative idea would be to dress your child like a tree and let the tree speak so that it can ask for help from everyone. Make your child and others aware by taking environment concerning issues and it would impress and inspire others too.

Movie Characters:

Dabbang, Munna bhai and Rajnikant. are some  characters which are very popular amongst children . If your child is good at mimicry then let him play any of these characters and deliver powerful lines or do things which these characters commonly do. Everyone would love to see a mini Chulbul Pandey and surely these characters will win everyone’s heart. Fancy dress competition is all about being as much fun for everyone as it can.

Historical Characters:

Lots of fancy dress competitions are held near 15th of August or 26th January, National leaders and historical characters are very common. The idea is to compare the new and emerging face of politics with conventional characters like Gandhi Ji , Bal Gangadhar Tilak, and Chacha Nehru etc. Dress your little one like Rahul Gandhi ,Manmohan Sing, Akhilesh Yadav or even Anna ji which are the new faces of our Indian Politics.


Fancy Dress Ideas For Girls


Fancy dress competition is all about fun and dressing your child in a character of what he/she aspires to become. There are many ideas present to dress your little daughter like a character or entity she would love to imitate.

Vegetable or Fruit:

Dressing your little girl child in the form of a vegetable or fruit is quite simple .You can dress her up like a Chilli ,Pumpkin, potato, mushroom ,tomato and ask your daughter to speak about the benefits of eating them or make her learn and short and simple poem about the vegetable or fruit.

Renowned Characters: 

Well if you like your daughter to become like one of those famous ladies that people look up to then there is still time for her to actually be like one of them but you can still fulfil your desires by dressing her up that way. Like the first women president Pratibha Patil or a Famous political person like Sonia Gandhi. The first Female Prime Minister of INDIA Indira Gandhi, Or May be The First India born woman to go to the Space Kalpana Chawla. The First female IPS Officior Kiran Bedi.

Her Ambition:

The main idea behind the concept of fancy dress is to let your child get into the shoes that depicts her personality. If your girl wants to be a news reporter, Anchor ,Astronaught, engineer, nurse, doctor ,model, ,air-hostess or perhaps a painter then dress her that way she will  look,this way she will be happy from within and also would be able to carry that dress confidently.

Dancer or Fairy: 

Women are women! How can we ever deprive her of some innate features like dressing up,  being fashionable, Or from wearing designer dresses and accessories? Well if your daughter loves to do these, then allow her to follow what she loves doing from her heart. You may dress her up like a little angel in which she finds herself really beautiful and pretty. And if  she is crazy about dance, make her a Western or a classical Dancer for example a Bharatnatyam dancer.

Spreading Awareness: 

Environment degradation is a point of concern for both people and the government.Make your daughter look like  a “dustbin” with a caption of “use me”, a “crying earth” etc. You can even spread awareness among people with the help of a fun element in it.

I Am the Man: 

In today's senario Girls are considered eqaul among boys and there’s no obligation to give your girl a typical feminine look. If she wants to look like one of the male characters then why not? You can bring out that male look and give a feminine touch like a lady superman or batman, or a lady cricketer or perhaps show that girls can do what boys can and dress up to be a rickshaw driver.

Thus by using any of the above stated ideas you can dress your child in such a way that make him stand different from others. We do not assure you to win the first prize but we definitely assure you that your child will win hearts and appreciation of everyone present in the event.

Fancy Dress Competition

The costumes and ideas for a fancy dress Competiton is no longer simple as they used to be before. Parents should understand  that the  school level competitions are all about how to bring out the creativity. In most cases the theme is pre decided and there are a set of rules that are ment to be followed. Dressing the child means having complete knowledge of the kids fancy dress costumes. You can search all the costumes that you need in our product's section.

The children’s fancy dress costumes for girls especially in the angel category can  be found in our Store.A white gown in lace and also some wings and a wand .Shoes can be with stockings in silver or some design. The main thing is about getting a beautiful hairstyle and make up. Make yiur Baby Look like a Doll with a tiara and starry broach to complete the perfect angelic look.

Many times this can be a competition for the family participation. Use a simple style like a farmer family and the father can dress in a colored dhoti and a half coat in khadi. Use a broad turban in plain color. Props For these dresses could be found in our store. For the farmer lady a basket and a nose ring along with a traditional sari will complete the Costume. The Indian ghagra choli along with a facial art makeup around the temples and chin would be perfect for the girl child.

Fancy Dress Theme According to Standard

STD 1st: Different Animal Costume.

This topic is related to the importance of different animals. The children can give the information of animals such as Monkey , Zebra Tiger, Giraffe, Lion, and Elephant etc.

STD 2nd: Our Helpers:  

The theme aims at bringing awareness of different professions and their importance. How these people serve our community, and what are their duties . Children may dressup themselves as Police,Fireman ,teacher,  doctor, a pilot, engineer, painter etc and all of them have to explain their role so as to how they serve us.

STD 3rd: Different states (“Unity in diversity”)

India is country where people of different states live together and follow their own tradition. How each state in India Stands uniquely with different language, culture, food and dressing, though different we unite together to form one nation. This concept can be presented by performing as people from various States, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujrat Punjab,West bengal etc. The costume can be  worn by the children would  reflect the integrity of that particular state. Some students can also spoke the language of the state to make it more interesting.

Std 4th: Different Trees:

 Students can be given a wonderful theme of “Save Trees, Save Earth”. In which they had played the role of different trees such, Neem,People ,Banana Tree, Mango Tree etc. Students can explain the utility of each tree. Last but not the least the Christmas tree could also be a part of the competition and Santa Claus may grace the occasion by distributing chocolates.

Std 5th: Different Occupation / Professions:

 Every child has a dream to grow up and join the profession of his choice. A Student can present a theme by a song “Papa Kehte hai” through which he will give a message that parents often have predetermined roles for their child and the parents impose it on them, overlooking as to what are the aspiration of their child is. Here the students can perform various professions which have high as well as low values in the society, giving a message that working and earning is more important and no profession is considered to be great or bad, by performing as a joker or doctor,  a teache, salesman, soldiers and so on.

To The Parents About Fancy Dress Competition

A fancy dress Competition is a mermorable and integral day in the life if every parent. . For a general theme of fancy dress, dress your baby as an Indian goddess a fairy or an Angel . Choose a bright red coloured dress , make up and ornaments to dress your daughter as a Mahalaxmi, Durga or Laxmi. For boys there are many ideas like a sport star, farmer, baker or a shop owner you may also read the above posts for more ideas or visit our products section.

Singing and dancing is an integral part of growing up. All preschool children exhibit a keen interest in the area of fine arts. Take this opportunity to dress your child as a rock star and there are fake tattoos, bike jackets, nose rings, face make up and also accessories to let them have the look. A dancer’s image can be western or Indian classical. Let them dress as a Bhratnatyam or choose a western outfit to dress for a HIP-HOP or Salsa dance or perhaps a Dance of certain island. The idea is to let them get into an avatar that speaks about their personality.

Environment and ecology awareness ideas usually do much on the stage. Dress them as a plastic bag and use some dialogues like ‘I am a plastic bag loved by all. You cannot do without me.’ Similarly make a paper bag on the reverse of the participant who says ‘I am gonna replace you plastic. Here I come to save the world.’ Make your child dress as a creeper or a tree with minimal dialogues. Dress your child as earth and show some pictures of floods. This is easy for small children who are yet to speak. Conveying through pictures or written work is also allowed in most competitions you may also use slogans from the post above to get more ideas.

Final Tip : Rehearsing For Fancy Dress

Firstly it must be clear in our minds that a fancy dress theme means to enjoy and participate. At pre school level one is allowed to watch the child but schools generally conduct it in their classes. The clothes that are hired must have the comfort quotient always high. The child must be educated how to handle the props or use the crown or any head gear. Teachers and helpers take adequate care and so the child is able to present himself in the same decorum.

For a hired dress the child must be comfortable with the size. Do not adjust the size forcibly as this is sloppy and may come off or seem uncomfortable on the stage. As altering is allowed at our shop you may proceed for the same. Caring for the hired clothes is surely a responsibility.

The fancy dresses come in as angel fancy dress or a cartoon character. Whatever you decide it’s important to make the child rehearse the walk, hold the props, use the make up and recite the dialogues. One must rehearse in a professional way as any kind of joke will be picked up by the child in the same manner. In case you are dressing the child as a penguin or a sea horse then first let them know the names of other sea creatures. Show them pictures of the same in magazines and slowly let them learn the words.



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