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Starting A Fancy Dress Rental Business In India


Fancy dress hire is quite a seasonal business, however in India as there are so many festivals and occaisions the demand for costume rental is present through out the year

now if you are willing to start your business from home you may and thats a great start ,

although in the later stages you would find that it is better to have a shop , but starting from home is more profitable as the operating expenses are almost nill.

However it is advisable to lookout for a godown and a shop as in the later stages you would have move than 2000 to 3000 dresses in stock and you would need a place to store them.

Apart from school functions , the main sources of business will be corporate entertainment events, such as theme nights like birthday parties. 

Startup :

First and formost thing is to decide if you are ready to open a costume shop , and what are the problems that you may face.

Most of the costume business owners are ladies perticularly housewifes , or school teachers so dont worry you are not alone.

if they can do it so can you.

Problems to look for.

1) Is your family going to support you ?

2) If you are planning to start from home then :-

   a) Would your neighbours mind you opening a business ?

   b) Is there enough space to separate your private and professional matters ?

   c) Would you be able to manage both family and business ?

   d) Do you have an independant house or are you putting up in a society appartment ?

If any or more than of the reasons are present it is advisable to Rent a commercial shop to start your business.

3) If you are planning to start from a commercial place then following things must be considered

  a) Does the shop have a storage area and a delivery area

  b) Is there adiquate space available to mange customers

  c) How long would it take to takeoff your business

  d) How much investment is required , how much would be the running expenditure and what would       be the breakeven point.

  e) What costumes do you need to keep and where you could source them from.

4) Who are your target Customers ?

5) How Can you get the word out ?

6) How to retain a customer ?

These are a few things you need to consider before opening a Costume business

Here at Fancy Dress Costume We Provide a Complete Solution to tackle these problems and many other that may arise on the early and later stages of business.

Is it profitable to open a costume business ?

well with a right apporoach and having a wide knowlege base would definately prove your business to reap profits.

On an avrage the Costume rental amount varies from 150 to 250 Rs in a small town where as it can go upto 1000s in metropolitan cities however there are number of factors that would tell how much and when you can charge so much.

however in a month if you are just able to rent 100 costumes that means aprox 4 costumes in a day at 200 Rs Which is pretty easy to achive.

Then you are going to cover all the expenses and earn a reasonable profit and in no time you would be earning more than a corporate employee in a matter of months.

I am confident about this becuase apart from the walk in customers you would be supplying your costumes in schools , societies , community functions , corporate events etc and on an avrage each school minimum orders 50 + costumes in one go.

so that means

100 Costumes from walkin

150 costumes from 3 schools

50 costume From society functions and community functions

20 costumes from corporate events.

that makes it a total of 320 costumes easy 

320 X 200 rupees = 64000 Rupees

and let me tell you this is for beginners

Many Schools order costumes for their annual functions , Sports day events other Cultural events in thousands

and thats just from one school !!

Now the best part of this business is that the investment required is once 

so once you buy a costume you can rent it a minimum of 10 times or so 

although it depends what quality of material you use.

However we at Fancy Dress Costume Keep a quality standard that allows you to use a product 20 times or more.

So I guess by now you are sure if the costume business is profitable or not ?